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Pure Fiji Scents for Luxe or Less

Pure FIji Votive Candles

Pure Fiji Scents for Luxe or Less

July 21, 2011 By Pure Fiji

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Hibernate This Winter in Your Very Own Tropical Paradise

with Pure Fiji Scents for Luxe or Less

The quickest way to lift your spirit, melt away stress and banish the winter-blues is to add a heavenly, therapeutic scent to days that are filled with endless cold, wet, dark doom and gloom.


Pure Fiji has just the mood altering selection of tropically inspired, scent-spreading goodies for luxe or less, to help create a mood lifting paradise on even the coldest of days.


“Pure Fiji Wax Votive Candles are perfect for cleansing the air before a massage or yoga session, and spray Pure Fiji Room Mist Island Bliss Fragrance on bed linens to induce a restful sleep.”

– Carla Konik, Spokesperson for Pure Fiji New Zealand

LUXE: Pure Fiji Coconut Wax Votive Candle

Bring the romance of the Fiji islands into your home this winter with Pure Fiji’s gorgeous Coconut Wax Votive Candles.  Made with locally harvested natural beeswax and available in an assortment of exotic fragrances, these long-lasting candles can transform any setting into a tropical paradise, and bring tranquillity to any mood.


LESS: Pure Fiji Room Mist

The exotic aromas of the Fiji Islands will float into your home with each simple spritz of the conveniently-sized Pure Fiji Room Mist. Let your worries and winter-blues drift away as you infuse the air or linens with the tropical calming blends of signature Pure Fiji fragrances.



Pure Fiji Coconut Wax Votive Candle RRP $48.00
Pure Fiji Room Mist RRP $15.50


Both the Pure Fiji Coconut Wax Votive Candle and Room Mist are available in the following fragrances: Mango, White Gingerlily, Starfuit, Frangipani and Coconut and the Room Mist also comes in Pineapple, Passion Flower and Island Bliss.

Pure Fiji Stockists

Pure Fiji is available in treatment and retail at fine spas and resorts nationwide. To locate your nearest stockist call toll free on 0800 7873 3454 or visit Pure Fiji’s website www.purefiji.com for more information.